Journey of Bringing the 'Steel Giant' Home

The steel production line was not an simple equipment. It consisted of many complex parts and machinery that had to be carefully disassembled for transport.

In the quiet night of Lotus Port, a piece of the industrial giant - an indispensable component in the steel production line - has safely arrived. This is no ordinary cargo; it requires special care and transportation techniques.

Discover a glimpse of the 'giant' as it arrives at the port

"Moving the Titan"
A Massive Task

Just like a giant game of Lego, we meticulously dismantle and neatly arrange each part into containers, creating a complex picture with over 400 - 500 pieces, each essential and irreplaceable

a person standing in front of a bunch of money
a person standing in front of a bunch of money
"The Giant's Passport:
Importing the Colossal Steel Production Line"

"Importing a complete machine? That's routine. But this is a different story: a colossal steel production line, broken down into over 10 main machines and countless smaller parts, like a giant puzzle. This isn't just a logistical challenge, it's also a mental match with customs, proving that these 'pieces' indeed form a complete picture."

In addition to the usual commercial documents, the import process of this colossal steel production line also requires additional documentation.

"Thank you for walking this path with us. The road ahead is filled with more fascinating tales and insights into logistics, and we can't wait to explore these new horizons with you."

"Logo's 500+ Piece Manufacturing Challenge

The synchronized machinery and equipment list

Firstly, we need to register a synchronized inventory of goods with customs, ensuring that each component of the production line is recorded and verified.

Furthermore, registration with the third-party agency overseeing the synchronization of these 10 main machines is necessary, to ensure the complete interconnection of the system and compliance with the import procedures.

Technological Titan Arrives
at the Plant

As the morning sun casts its warm glow over the landscape, a significant moment unfolds at the factory: the Titan has reached its new home